Caruna and municipalities are working together to hire young people for summer jobs in municipalities


26.05.2020 at 12:15
During this challenging pandemic period, Caruna wants to support the municipalities in its area and help them recruit young people aged 16 to 20 for summer jobs. Each municipality participating in the Duunienergiaa (Work Energy) campaign receives 4,000 euros for this purpose. Currently, 29 municipalities across Finland have already registered for the campaign. The municipality of Isojoki in South Ostrobothnia was the first to join the campaign.

The Duunienergiaa campaign involves 29 municipalities from Caruna's network area, and you can still join by contacting Caruna's key account manager nominated for the municipality. Each participating municipality decides on the summer employee's job and the duration of the job.

"Many young people still do not have a summer job, or the job has been cancelled due to the coronavirus situation. We want to support young people in finding employment and help municipalities employ. For many young people, this is their first job and the certificate of employment they receive is important for them. One task is to make a marketing video of the municipality and tell from young people's point of view why their own municipality is so wonderful in many ways. It is great that municipalities got involved in this joint project on a fast schedule," says Anne Pirilä, Head of Communications and Public Affairs at Caruna.

The collaboration is concluded as a sponsorship agreement between Caruna and the municipality. The municipality hires a young person or young people aged 16–20 for at least three person-months between 1 May and 30 September. with a sponsorship of EUR 4,000 paid by Caruna. The amount is a lump sum, and the municipality uses it in its entirety for the personnel costs of summer employees. 

The municipality of Isojoki employs four young 'attraction' people to promote Isojoki

"We are happy to be involved in the campaign, and we will hire four young 'attraction' people in the municipality of Isojoki during June–July. The young people will create interesting content about the people, places and phenomena of the municipality of Isojoki on various social media channels. Summer jobs also give young people meaningful things to do and an opportunity to earn their own money," says Juha Herrala, Mayor of Isojoki.

The #Duunienergiaa campaign can be followed at and on Caruna's Instagram.

The following municipalities have so far registered for the campaign:

Alavus, Aura, Espoo, Hanko, Hausjärvi, Inkoo, Isojoki, Karijoki, Kauhajoki, Kauniainen, Kirkkonummi, Kustavi, Kärkölä, Loppi, Marttila, Merikarvia, Naantali, Nousiainen, Oripää, Paimio, Posio, Ranua, Rusko, Sastamala, Siuntio, Somero, Taivalkoski, Taivassalo, Teuva.


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