Caruna in 2020: We made further improvements to our procedures for designing, building and renovating the electricity network for our customers


11.03.2021 at 11:08
The electrification of society, the increase of renewable energy production and electric transportation require a strong and smart electricity network to support Finland's carbon neutrality goals by 2035. In 2020, Caruna carried out long-term work to upgrade its electricity network, taking the increasing future need for electricity into consideration.

The reliability of electricity distribution was excellent – network upgrades allow for fault repairs to be rectified faster

Undisrupted electricity distribution under all circumstances is a prerequisite for the functioning of a smart electricity network. The reliability of supply rate for electricity distribution was again at an excellent level, at 99.98 per cent. The highest number of supply interruptions was caused by the storm known as Aila in September, which affected the electricity supply of about 80,000 customers. The highest number of customers simultaneously affected by an interruption of supply during Aila was about 20,000.

"Year 2020 was very exceptional. Because of the coronavirus, Caruna's employees were working almost entirely remotely from March onwards. Additionally, according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute, there were 44 stormy days in 2020, while the average is 27 stormy days per year. We have systematically upgraded the network to make it weatherproof, and this significantly reduced the number and duration of faults in comparison with previous storms," says Caruna's CEO Tomi Yli-Kyyny

In 2020, Caruna also piloted alternative ways to improve the reliability of electricity distribution. Fortum and Caruna worked together on a pilot project in Inkoo to develop a battery system to store electricity and improve the reliability of electricity distribution and the quality of supply. The battery system, which was commissioned in August, is the largest battery connected to Finland's distribution network. 

Green choices guide the customer: almost 10,000 small-scale producers of solar power

Approximately 2.800 new solar power systems (<2 MVA) were connected to Caruna's electricity network in 2020. Private customers accounted for approximately 2.500 of this number, and companies accounted for the remaining 300. 

By the end of 2020, the number of small-scale producers of solar power was approximately 9.400. Caruna's electronic Virtane service enables customers to compare the prices of solar panels, electric vehicle charging services and electricity contracts. The Virtane service is aimed at customers in Caruna's network area.  

"Low-carbon Finland is not realised without investments into the electricity network. When we construct a smart energy system that addresses the challenges of the future, we also ensure the competitiveness of our corporate customers and facilitate the active participation of consumers on the energy markets," says Tomi Yli-Kyyny. 

The number of Caruna's customers exceeded 700,000 in 2020. Our customers consisted of 703 (692) thousand consumers, municipalities and companies at the end of the year. The rate of growth was 1.6%. A total of 2.400 new connection contracts were signed, 10 of which were for medium- or high-voltage connections.   

In 2020, Caruna Group’s net sales amounted to EUR 475.3 million, showing an increase of 1.9 per cent year-on-year. The increase in net sales was mainly due to higher connection fee income. 

Key financial (IFRS) and operational indicators for the Group:

EUR million or as indicated 2020 2019
Net sales 475.3 466.4
Profit for the period 35.0 28.1
Corporation tax 10.7 12.2
Investments 143.2 167.3
Cash flow after investments 16.8 -11.9
Customers 703 000 692 000
Network cabling rate, % 59 56
Small-scale producers of solar power in the network area 9 400 6 600
System Average Interruption Duration Index per customer (SAIDI), minutes 103 79
Reliability of supply rate (%) 99.98 99.99

The financial statements of Caruna Group, Caruna Networks Oy, Caruna Oy and Caruna Espoo Oy as well as Caruna's Annual Report are available on the company website. The Annual Report also includes a sustainability report prepared according to GRI Standards.

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