A carbon-neutral future is the common goal of Espoo and Caruna – cooperation agreement signed


21.04.2021 at 09:52
The City of Espoo and electricity distribution company Caruna Espoo Oy signed an agreement on strategic cooperation on March 31, 2021. The aim of the cooperation is to support Espoo's growth and carbon-neutrality targets with a strong electricity network that meets future energy needs, enabling clean energy solutions for Espoo residents and companies.

"Caruna ensures that the electricity distribution system of Espoo residents meets the changing needs of the future and that people continue to have as reliable access to electricity as possible. Climate and energy-saving targets lead to more efficient forms of heating and many energy-saving solutions are based on the use of electricity. This, together with the electrification of transport, will increase electricity consumption," says Caruna's CEO Tomi Yli-Kyyny of the factors underlying the agreement.

Caruna is launching numerous projects in Espoo aimed at the operational reliability of the electricity network, the outcome of which will be a network that can withstand the electrification of the city. In the future, possible faults can be repaired faster and the cabled network will not be at the mercy of the weather.

In Espoo, the aim is to give up the use of coal in district heating production in 2025. The cooperation prepares for the growing demand for electricity also in heat production, when more and more heat will be produced with various heat pump solutions.

Energy storage, electric transport, and renewable energy solutions are themes that the city and Caruna will jointly promote in accordance with the agreement.

In the future, pioneering will also benefit the rest of Finland

The aim of the cooperation is to utilise new technologies and solutions so that they serve Espoo residents as well as possible. Other partners are also actively sought to join in the development work.

"Espoo wants to be a pioneer and see new energy solutions and services tested here, which can in the future be utilised across Finland or even globally. Research networks located in Espoo also play a key role in this," says Mayor Jukka Mäkelä

The agreed cooperation supports the City of Espoo's target of being carbon neutral in this decade. Caruna will also utilise the solutions developed in Espoo elsewhere in Finland.

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