The accumulator storage of Fortum and Caruna improves the reliability of the electricity system


28.08.2020 at 14:09
Climate change and the energy transition towards renewable and weather-dependent energy sources create requirements for the balance of the electricity system. Fortum and Caruna have together developed solutions for securing reliability of supply in the future.

As a result of the cooperation, the companies have together developed a significant accumulator system by Nordic standards, which will improve the reliability of electricity distribution and the quality of supply.

The size of a shipping container, the accumulator operates connected to Caruna's medium voltage network in Inkoo. Deployment of the system is part of the smart electricity network. When Caruna does not need the electricity storage to repair a power outage caused by a maintenance or fault situation, Fortum will use the accumulators in the control electricity market to balance the national electricity system.

Accumulator storages may become more common as enablers of a weatherproof electricity network

Caruna uses the accumulator mainly to ensure electricity distribution during maintenance work, but it will also be helpful during unexpected power cuts. Even if electricity supply to the accumulator were cut off, it can electrify nearby homes, summer cottages and shops for several hours. The area of influence of the electricity storage extends from about Stubböle in Inkoo to the island of Vormö.

"The accumulator is an excellent and flexible option for improving the reliability of regional electricity distribution," says Markus Talka, Innovation Programme Manager at Caruna.

Inkoo's mayor Robert Nyman (left), Fortum's Vice President of Trading and Asset Optimisation Simon-Erik Ollus and Caruna's CEO Tomi Yli-Kyyny.

Fortum utilises the accumulator storage in the control electricity market

Fortum utilises the common accumulator outside of disruptions in the control electricity market maintained by the transmission system operator Fingrid, as part of Fortum's extensive “Virtual battery”.

"The need for control electricity and power to balance the electricity system will increase as the production of weather-dependent solar and wind power increases," says Ilari Alaperä, Business Development Manager at Fortum.

Electricity production and consumption must be balanced at all times. With the help of accumulators, control power can be produced for the electricity market very quickly. In addition, accumulators make it possible to respond to fluctuations in production and consumption as well as power faster than many traditional forms of electricity generation.

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