New electricity distribution bill

New electricity distribution bill

Starting from September 2017, Caruna Oy will invoice on the behalf of Caruna Oy and Caruna Espoo Oy.

What does the change mean?

Previously Fortum Asiakaspalvelu Oy has invoiced for electricity distribution on the behalf of Caruna Oy and Caruna Espoo Oy. The reason for this being that Caruna has bought this invoicing service from Fortum Asiakaspalvelu Oy. However, our co-operation with Fortum will end this autumn and in the future Caruna Oy will act as the invoicing company for Caruna’s two network companies (Caruna Oy and Caruna Espoo Oy). 

Fortum Asiakaspalvelu Oy will however continue to invoice our customers whose electricity retailer is Fortum Markets Oy.

When you pay your electricity distribution invoices this autumn, please ensure that you note the new receiver (Caruna Oy) and the new bank account number. We have added a reminder of the new account number on the invoice itself. If you use direct debit or e-invoicing to pay your invoices, please note the things listed at the bottom of this page.

During the change, some of our customers will receive an invoice, which will differ from the familiar invoicing pace. In September, the invoicing company for your electricity distribution changes to Caruna Oy. Because Fortum Asiakaspalvelu Oy will invoice for electricity distribution until the end of August, some of our customers might receive two invoices in a row. In case you receive an invoice, which differs from your usual invoicing pace, we kindly ask you to pay it by the due date. Your invoicing pace will return back to normal soon and you will receive your invoices from us four or six times a year.

However, clients with a maintenance contract or 1-year electricity contract will from now on receive their invoices according to a new invoicing pace. In the future, we will, in accordance with the general Terms of Network Service (TNS 2014, point 11.2) invoice four times a year instead on only once. We will inform you about this change by letter this summer.

Our new invoice looks and feels different. Our new invoice has a clearer layout and a fresh new look. The familiar bank giro form at the bottom of the page has been replaced by payment details only. 
Please, follow this link to view what your new invoice looks like > (N.B. This is an example only and all details are suggestive.)


Because we are changing the invoicing company to Caruna Oy, you will be asked to use your internet banking services to confirm that you wish to receive the new e-invoice from us.

Sometime in August-September, you will receive a notice in regards to this, and if you wish to use e-invoicing to pay your electricity distribution invoices in the future we kindly ask you to click accept as soon as you can.

In case you are banking with OP there is no need to do anything as OP will automatically transfer your e-invoicing account to Caruna Oy.


If you have been paying you electricity distribution invoices with direct debit, you need to make a new direct debit contract with you bank. With some banks, you can make a new contract over the phone but most banks require a visit in person. Please contact your own bank for further assistance.

​In case you are banking with OP there is no need to do anything as OP will automatically transfer your direct debit contract to Caruna Oy.


As the invoicing company changes in September 2017, current direct debit contracts will end. In case you wish to continue paying our invoices with direct debit, you need to make a new contract with your bank as soon as possible:

  • When you call or visit your bank, you should have Caruna Oy’s electricity distribution invoice handy. In this way, the bank will be able to view your customer details that are required for making a new direct debit contract.
  • Caruna Oy is the new invoicing company and your direct debit contract should be made for this company.

Your bank will automatically notify us of your new direct debit contract - which means there is no need for you to contact us separately.