You receive an invoice for electricity transfer on the basis of your electricity consumption in accordance with your selected invoicing interval. The invoice also includes electricity tax. Consumption is measured automatically and you can also monitor it in Caruna+. Please note that your electricity supplier invoices you separately for electricity.

You can change the payment period of an invoice

If you are unable to pay your bill by the due date, you can ask for extension in Caruna+ or by contacting our customer service department before your payment is due. We can grant you an extension of up to 30 days from the original due date without charge. The interest rate for late payments is 7%. We may also be able to split the sum into smaller instalments and set up a payment agreement, for a charge of EUR 5.00.

Speed up paying with an ecological e-invoice

E-invoice is an invoice in electronic form that pops into your online bank. You can take it into use in accordance with your online bank's instructions. You need the reference number from your latest invoice to connect the e-invoicing service.

You can pay your invoice in Caruna+

You can pay your invoice in Caruna+ e.g. as an online bank payment or by using a payment card. In the mobile app, we also offer MobilePay and Pivo as payment methods.

How often does the invoice arrive?

You can choose how many times a year you get an invoice. If you use electricity sparingly, we recommend a longer invoicing interval – for example four or six times a year. If your consumption is high, we recommend six or twelve times a year.

What does your electricity invoice consist of?

Your invoice consists of three parts:

  1. Electricity distribution. With distribution fees, we take care of the distribution of electricity, construction and maintenance of the electricity network, electricity consumption measurement, 24-hour fault reporting service as well as customer service.
  2. Electric energy. You can buy your electric energy from any electricity supplier. You can also invite suppliers to tender and select the one that is the most suitable for you.
  3. Taxes comprise electricity tax and value added tax. Value added tax is paid on both electric energy and electricity distribution. The electricity distribution company invoices the taxes with the electricity distribution price.

Reminders and collection of payments

Our partner Intrum handles the entire process from reminders to payment collection. If your payment is overdue and unpaid, you will first receive a reminder to pay. If no response is received at this stage, the account will be passed on to the collections department.

If you have any questions about reminders, collections or notices of interruption of network service, Intrum will be happy to help you.

Intrum's customer service:

Tel. 09 229 118 92, weekdays at 7.30 AM to 8 PM and Saturdays at 9 AM to 4 PM. E-mail address:

The Oma Intrum online service is available 24/7. Log on at  Login details for the service can be found in the reminder or collection letter from Intrum.