The Website may use cookies and other similar techniques. Cookies are small text files sent to the User's browser that help develop the contents of the Website. Cookies can be used e.g. to collect data on which pages the User has browsed and which browser and operating system the User has.

Caruna's Website has cookies set both by Caruna and by advertising networks, providers of analytics services and social media services. These parties may collect and process data collected via cookies according to their own privacy policies.

Purposes for cookies

On Caruna's website, cookies are used for example for the following purposes:

  • to monitor and analyse the use of the Service
  • to improve and personalise the user experience
  • to implement the chat service
  • to target content
  • to target advertising on third party websites

In addition, the visitor data of Caruna's Website may be combined with customer data for the purpose of developing the Services and to chart customers' needs. In the analysis of visitor data, Caruna utilises for example the customer behaviour analysis tool provided by Fonecta. Further information about the cookies used in the service provided by Fonecta is available at

Please note that Caruna's website may contain links to videos and when viewing the videos, the service provider in question may collect and process personal data. Further information about the processing activities is available on the service provider's website or in the service in question.

Duration of cookies

Caruna's Website uses both session cookies and permanent cookies. Session cookies are deleted when the User closes the browser. Permanent cookies are stored on the User's device for a certain period or until the User deletes them. The duration of permanent cookies varies per cookie and may be at longest some years.

Blocking cookies

You can allow or block cookies or delete stored cookies in the settings of your internet browser. In many browsers, it is also possible to separately block third party cookies.

Caruna's Website and all its functionalities, such as chat and logging into our digital service, may not work as expected without cookies.