Report wrongdoing

Caruna’s operating principles include compliance with laws and ethical values in all our activities. We take seriously any indication of unlawful or unethical conduct, and urge everyone to raise their concerns with us.

Caruna’s Channel for Raising Concerns offers our employees, subcontractors and third parties an opportunity to report violations of:

  • Caruna’s Code of Conduct,
  • Code of Conduct of Caruna’s partners, or
  • valid laws and regulations.

To file a report, please fill in the form on the right. Write down all relevant details of your observations. You may also attach documents, such as photographs, to the report.

All reports will be dealt with impartially and in strict confidentiality, and any verified wrongdoing will be passed on to the company’s highest administration. You may file your report anonymously. However, we recommend that you leave us your contact details, so that Caruna’s representatives can get in touch with you during the investigation.