Our operating principles

Responsible business activities

We are committed to acting responsibly as a part of the Finnish society. Reliability of electricity distribution plays an important role for our customers, trade and industry, communities and the authorities.

We work actively with our stakeholders to improve the economic, social and environmental impacts of our activities at all times:

  • Our products and services are of a high quality and easily available.
  • Our company and all our employees ensure that we comply with legislation.
  • We recognise the environmental impacts of our activities and take them into consideration in everything we do. We take into account the entire life cycle of the electricity network.
  • We collaborate with municipalities and the authorities.
  • We systematically assess the risks of our activities and minimise any damage caused to people, the environment and business activities.
  • Our objective is to guarantee everyone a safe working environment where each employee carries their own responsibility. We continuously monitor and improve safety at work.
  • We require our partners to commit themselves to our responsible practices.
  • We have set targets for the management of our company. Our entire staff is committed to our shared targets.
  • We continuously evaluate and improve our activities.
  • We communicate openly both internally and externally.

Safety and the environment

We identify and evaluate risks and hazards related to our electricity network and operations on a regular basis. We plan, build, monitor and maintain our electricity network in such a way that it causes no danger to our customers or the rest of society. We take environmental impacts into account in everything we do.

A safe working environment is not only a pledge we make, but also a requirement for ourselves and our partners. We train our partners in safety issues and actively participate in the development of safety within the industry.

We carry out regular safety inspections and analyse occupational safety at regular intervals. Our target is zero accidents, which requires the contribution of everyone working for us.

We annually give a safety award to contractors who excel in improving safety at work.

Investments and asset management

Every year, we invest about two hundred million euros in our electricity network. The purpose of this investment is to guarantee reliable electricity supply and to promote more sustainable energy production.

Our goal is to be a forerunner in our industry in Europe.

We improve our electricity networks in such a way that in the future they will enable us to create more diverse energy systems, provide our customers with the opportunity to sell on the electricity they generate, and enable electrified transport.

As a result of our investments, we can employ a significant number of people in Finland.

We improve the electricity network in all our distribution areas: we make the management of forest areas along the power line corridors more efficient, we increase cabling and network automation, and we move electric lines so that they run parallel to the road, thus strengthening weatherproofing and security of supply.


1. We believe that good leadership is the cornerstone of employee engagement and performance excellence.

Every Caruna line manager is responsible for all people issues in their team and for managing the annual people processes. Leadership responsibility covers the development and wellbeing of individuals and the team, encouragement to engage in dialogue and give feedback, follow-up on progress, and responsiveness to poor performance or misconduct. Line managers are offered a range of opportunities for learning and individual growth, and the support of our HR team.

2. We observe fair, open and competitive remuneration practices at each level of the organisation.

Salaries are based on the Finnish law and collective agreements, which we apply as transparently as possible. The salary level reflects the individual performance and competence, and the requirements of the position. High performance is rewarded accordingly through our bonus scheme. Bonuses are based on clear and measurable targets that are aligned with the company strategy. The targets are agreed mutually in performance and development discussions, which enable all Caruna employees to influence their rewarding.

3. We support Caruna employees’ career and development opportunities.

Our purpose is to promote an innovative work environment where employees develop on the job. We encourage employee responsibility and initiative taking. We also expect employees to take advantage of the learning opportunities available, including job rotation. The line manager plays an important role in employee career development.

4. Resourcing at Caruna is based on long-term planning.

This enables us to offer our employees new career and development opportunities. Positions are always opened internally, and we encourage internal applications from Caruna employees. Recruitment is conducted in a professional manner, and we treat all applicants with respect. Selection is based on thorough evaluation of individual competence and motivation. Caruna has defined the general competences and leadership principles, which together with Caruna values form the basis for all candidate evaluation.

5. We provide a safe and healthy working environment.

We respect an employee’s right to balance private and professional life. We make use of the opportunities for remote working as well as flexible working hours wherever possible. We provide occupational health and wellbeing services to all our employees and support rehabilitation. We do not allow the use of any intoxicants at work.

6. We respect the freedom of association and the right to negotiate collective agreements.

The free flow of information, good co-operation and confidential relationships between the management and the personnel form an important basis for successful management of the business. The starting point for good co-operation at all levels is to resolve any internal conflicts quickly and constructively.

7. We are an equal rights employer.

No discrimination of any kind is allowed. All types of harassment are prohibited and will be eliminated immediately. Caruna considers diversity a competitive advantage, which benefits the entire working community. A person’s background must not influence pay, development and promotion or recruitment.

8. Caruna’s HR policy guides our day-to-day operations.

We follow up the implementation of agreed practices regularly through employee engagement surveys, the annual performance and development discussions as well as other feedback channels. We regularly monitor employee indicators.