Areas of corporate responsibility


Caruna’s activities are based on fairness to our customers and our other stakeholders. We offer our customers information and services to make it easy for them to connect to the electricity network and use electricity, and to enable the monitoring and economisation of electricity consumption.

We keep confidential all the information on our customers, which is created during our business activities, and we do not disclose such information to third parties. We can only disclose our customer’s personal information to the customer themselves, or to a party authorised by them.


An electricity distribution company has a natural monopoly in its own area. From society’s point of view, it is neither sensible nor cost-effective to have many companies building parallel networks.

This is why electricity network business is regulated. Regulation is necessary to keep electricity distribution prices reasonable and the electricity network business effective.

Through regulation and supervision, the authorities seek to find a balance between reasonable prices and the quality of electricity distribution, from the point of view of both customers and the distribution company.

The Electricity Market Act and various decrees and regulations issued by the authorities define the responsibilities of electricity distribution companies. The Energy Authority regulation model also specifies the methods for calculating reasonable prices.

The methods for calculating the allowed returns are determined beforehand for a regulatory period of four years. The regulation model determines the distribution network operator’s reasonable returns as a whole, but it does not take a stand on the reasonableness of individual tariffs.


Caruna’s sponsoring activities are based on our values: customer centricity, responsibility, collaboration and result orientation.

Our sponsorship support is open and transparent. We process all sponsorship applications fairly and impartially. We take a critical view of sponsorship requests from our customers or employees.

We do not support:

  • activities that endanger the environment or safety
  • activities that are directly linked to our business, or personally benefit our employees or their families
  • political parties or other political organisations, directly or indirectly, or campaigns of individual candidates
  • religious or radical movements

For the 2016-2019 sponsorship period, our main partner is the Finnish Ice Hockey Association. Through this partnership, we endeavour to promote the wellbeing of children and young people in Finland, while supporting ice hockey as a club sport across the nation. We also wish to celebrate the valuable work volunteers do for their clubs.

Caruna Easy Hockey — playing for the fun of it!

In the 2016-2019 period, our largest contribution to junior ice hockey is the Easy Hockey project in partnership of the Finnish Ice Hockey Association. Easy Hockey is aimed at 10–17-year-olds and offers young people the chance to play ice hockey, even when they don’t have the time or opportunity to train several times a week. The threshold for participating is kept low.

Easy Hockey was launched at the beginning of October in 2016. For more information, visit the Finnish Ice Hockey Association’s website.