Electricity network

Electricity distribution

Electricity is produced by power plants operated by nuclear, hydro or wind power, or various fuels. There are approximately 120 companies and 400 power plants producing electricity in Finland.

The main grid and the distribution networks transmit electricity from power plants to private homes and other users. Fingrid Oyj is in charge of the transmission of electricity over the main, national grid. The main grid transmits electricity from producers to electricity distributors and industrial companies. Electricity distribution companies distribute electrical power to homes and businesses over medium and low voltage distribution networks.

Development of electrical network

We plan, build and maintain our network to meet the current and future needs of our customers and society.

Caruna is running a ten-year network improvement programme, installing more cables underground to minimise weather damage. We are committed to meeting our statutory targets defined in the Electricity Market Act by 2028, when we will be able to restore power to our customers within six hours in urban areas and within 36 hours in rural areas.

To improve reliability of supply, we are renovating an ageing network vulnerable to weather disturbances. We are also increasing the rate of network automation, in order to restore power quicker in case of faults. We continue to extend our electricity network so that we can connect new customers to the network.

Each year, we carry out hundreds of network improvement projects, which you can see on the map.

Read more about our investments for developing our electricity network.

Caruna's project sites on the map

Each year, we carry out hundreds of network improvement projects across our network area to improve and strengthen our electricity network.

Click on the map and see where we are installing cabling. To view an individual project, zoom in on the map using the plus sign. The customer numbers given on the map are for reference purposes only and may change as the projects progress. If you have any questions about the map or our projects, please contact our Customer Service.

Maintenance of electricity network

We carry out regular inspections of our electricity network. As part of network maintenance, we look after the network surroundings by trimming, felling or shortening trees and other vegetation.

To identify areas that need clearing, we have patrols on the ground and we also use helicopters. As our clearing plans take into consideration future cabling, not all overhead line corridors may be cleared at the same time in one area.

Before we clear plots or private land around homes, we engage with the property owners. We post a clearing notice on our website and notify the concerned parties in advance.

Branches, twigs and other waste from the clearing belong to the landowner. On yards and in public places, such as parks, we collect the waste in neat piles. Elsewhere, we leave the branches and other waste in place for the landowner’s use. However, we do not leave clearing waste on roads, paths, fields, ditches or ditch banks, on top of fencing or hanging from trees.

We always contact the property owner before felling trees. If you are planning to cut down a tree near overhead lines, see our instructions for felling trees and the recommended safety zone around the electricity network, i.e. the line corridor, for each voltage.

Safety zones of the electricity network

Low voltage network

Mid voltage network

High voltage network