Strategy and values


I dare to act

  • I dare to set my goals high and strive to do things better. I believe that the current state needs to be challenged.
  • I want to assume responsibility and I dare to make decisions. At the same time, I am willing to give responsibility and ready to trust.
  • I allow mistakes, both by me and my colleagues. I promise to review my mistakes and learn from them.
  • I act in a straightforward manner; I focus on facts and communicate and give feedback sincerely and with respect.
  • Our job involves safety risks. Safety always comes first and we never compromise on it.

With good energy

  • I strive to make things simple and easy. Unnecessary bureaucracy and complexity do not belong to our culture – they consume energy and not increase it.
  • I am curious and willing to learn new, both at my job and in the world outside.
  • I always keep my promises. Complete trust is the core of our straightforward culture.
  • Every one of us is the face and voice of Caruna. I play my part with joy and pride.
  • If I notice that my colleague needs cheering up, I want to do so. If (s)he needs support or a shoulder to lean on, I offer it.


  • We exist for our customers. They get the best results when we act seamlessly together.
  • Collaboration requires active interaction of us: communication about what we do and interest in each other’s work.
  • We want to meet and get to know each other, both as professionals and persons, across team and department boundaries. We always keep our partners involved.
  • I contribute to our good team spirit. In our interactions, there should be joy, laughter, high fives and a “let’s do it” mindset.