About Caruna

Strategy and values


I work in the best interests of our customers 

  • I identify the customer’s needs and do my best to meet them
  • Together with our network, I ensure an excellent customer experience
  • I am Caruna’s voice and face
  • I keep my promises, both to external and internal customers
  • I am able to explain what we do in the customer’s language

I have the courage to get things done 

  • I strive to make progress and reform my work - I am not afraid of change
  • I take responsibility and make decisions 
  • I set the bar high and strive to improve my performance
  • We succeed and fail together
  • We celebrate success and learn from failure
  • I identify risks and take them into account

We develop the Finnish society for the future

  • We look after our network, which is a pillar of our society
  • We are local and easy to approach
  • We create opportunities for other operators and the society as a whole
  • We take part in social debate
  • We act transparently and responsibly
  • We develop our network with a comprehensive and long-term perspective