A weatherproof electricity network

A weatherproof electricity network

A weatherproof electricity network

Towards a weatherproof electricity distribution

We continue to invest in improving our electricity network so that our customers can rely on electricity distribution in the future as well.

Our mission as an electricity distribution company is to secure the supply of electricity to 1.5 million Finns and each cottage, nook and cranny within the scope of our electricity network.

“Citizens cannot live their daily lives, nor can society operate, without an uninterrupted electricity supply which is why we continue to work on minimizing the interruptions for our customers”, says Kosti Rautiainen, Head of Caruna’s Electricity Network Unit.

In 2017 Caruna invested roughly €300 million into the electricity network, and by the end of the year around 70 percent of our customers were covered by the weatherproof network.

Our network improvement works on a map →

Electricity network investments in 2017

Overhead lines go underground

Almost half of Caruna’s network area is cover by forest. Climate change strengthens extreme weather conditions and increases damages caused by storms and snow.

Up to 70 percent of interruptions is due to weather, and because of this we are replacing the overhead lines with an electricity network cabled underground. This improvement boosts the reliability of electricity distribution and brings continuity to our customers’ daily lives.

Our aims on reliability of supply

“Underground electricity network is ten times more reliable than a network consisting of overhead lines. No wind, storm or falling trees can damage it. Within the next few years we’ll have replaced all overhead lines in urban areas as well as areas included in city or town plans”, says Rautiainen.

Caruna’s electricity network is built responsibly. In 2017 we recycled approximately seven million kilograms of dismantled network.


The electricity network will serve for the next 50 years

Caruna’s network improvement projects will go on for several years. The most significant investments are carried out in southern and southwestern Finland and Satakunta, as these are the areas most vulnerable to autumn storms.

“The network we are building now will serve the needs of our society for the next 40 to 50 years. In the future private clients living in urban areas may not face any weather-related interruptions at all. Outside the urban areas the interruptions will be fewer and shorter”, Rautiainen promises.

When building an intelligent electricity network, we take into account the electricity needs of the future.  In the future our customers will be both electricity consumers and producers. Our electricity network will also better meet the needs of small-scale producers and electric car owners.