Site information

Sometimes, when the weather surprises us, the electricity is cut off. These are the unexpected situations that we are trying to reduce by revamping the electricity network.

We will improve electricity distribution by moving the electricity network underground. There, the network is protected from the weather and the number of power outages is reduced. We take care of our network in many more ways. Tree tops and branches growing near to power lines will no longer fall on the lines in windy weather and cut off electricity.

Follow construction timetable in our map service

You can track construction progress and timetables in our map service, where you can also subscribe to messages about the site in your area.

The dismantling of the old electricity network or the commissioning of a new electricity network may cause short interruptions in the electricity distribution, of which we will inform you in advance. Please make sure we have the correct contact information in the Caruna+ service.

At customer events, you can hear about construction

When we plan an electricity network improvement project, we organise a customer event for the residents of the area. If you can not make it, but you are interested, here’s a program of events.

Voit tarkastella kotisi lähellä olevaa työmaata karttapalvelustamme.

This is how the construction proceeds

The construction of the electricity network takes about one to two years and consists of several stages, only some of which are visible to the residents in their daily lives.

  • Caruna orders the project from a contractor
  • We are beginning to design the electricity network, and this will take about six months, depending on the area
  • Once the design has been completed, we will begin building the new electricity network. The duration of construction is affected by, among other things, terrain conditions and weather (for example, frost in spring).
  • After commissioning, the old electricity network will be dismantled and finishing work will begin. During the finishing work, the electrical network material is removed from the area. The gardens and streets will be tidied up to at least the condition they were in when the project started.
  • Finally, we will carry out the relevant inspections. For example, we will check that the new electricity network has been installed to at least the depth required by standards (70 cm below ground level).

Kaapelikeloja Carunan työmaan lähellä.

Työmaa näkyvissä, olethan varovainen

Please bear safety in mind when you are near the building site.

  • Do not touch power lines that are hanging down on the ground, as they may still be live.
  • Please do not remove the markers indicating building materials or excavation routes
  • If you need to move cable reels or other materials, please let us know by contacting our customer service

Temporary passageways or detours are built to make the area safer for you.