How does Caruna select reliable partners?

Caruna works with carefully selected, reliable contracting, service and material partners, and it follows competitive tendering processes in compliance with the Act on Public Procurement and Concession Contracts (1397/2016). Caruna's own corporate responsibility requirements supplement the procurement requirements, in addition to the Act and other regulations. We regularly monitor how our contractual partners operate and ensure that they meet the applicable requirements.

Caruna’s supply chain

Our operations have a substantial direct and indirect economic impact through procurements. Our construction projects employ more than 1,000 people, directly or indirectly, in various parts of Finland.

We carry out construction and repair work on the electricity network with the help of our contractors, their subcontractors and material suppliers. All of our suppliers and their subcontractors comply with the same principles and requirements, and they are committed to Caruna's instructions and obligations.

We select all material suppliers fairly and without any form of discrimination in accordance with the requirements of competitive tendering processes. We handle the entire procurement process electronically, from preparing contract details to competitive tendering, signing and archiving contracts.

Caruna procures network construction materials such as cables, transformers, secondary substations and cable cabinets with its own agreements. The quality, safety and environmental aspects of all of the materials we use are taken into careful consideration in the competitive tendering phase, commissioning tests and factory inspections.  

Caruna's procurement process 2019

Monitoring suppliers

Caruna's supplier management focuses on the comprehensive management of relations between Caruna and its suppliers. We aim to jointly develop operations and operating models throughout the term of the contract. We regularly monitor how all of our partners fulfil the contractual terms and conditions.  

Annual supplier audits are a part of our supplier management concept. They enable us to audit and improve the most important contractual suppliers we use. 

Corporate responsibility in the supply chain  

We aim to continuously improve the transparency and management of our supply chain. Corporate responsibility is an integral part of our contracts and supplier management. We consider financial, social and environmental responsibility perspectives when we select suppliers, during the contract phase and throughout the contractual period.

All of our suppliers are also committed to Caruna's Supplier Code of Conduct, which obliges our contractual suppliers to comply with Finnish laws and regulations.

Every year, we hold a corporate responsibility day for our contractual suppliers The purpose of this event is to pass on corporate responsibility work and awareness throughout our supply chain. The idea of jointly developing corporate responsibility is a key aspect of the activities on corporate responsibility days.