We aim to be one of Finland's best workplaces

We want to offer our current and future employees experts a good place to grow and develop. Our work has a major impact. We are making sure that Finnish society can function, every day, 24/7.

Caruna is a significant hub of expertise in the electricity distribution industry. Working with the best experts in the industry provides excellent opportunities to share information and learn new things. One of the reasons behind this is that two-thirds of our employees hold university degrees. Learn more about our personnel structure here. 

Various backgrounds and competences are effectively combined in practice. Recent graduates and students completing their master's theses with us provide us with new insights into various fields of study and society as a whole.

We encourage people to learn and share information

We encourage our employees to take the initiative and make the most of internal learning opportunities such as job rotation. Employees have the option of shadowing a colleague, and internal job rotation provides a new perspective on work. We believe that the best way to learn is by doing. Our training courses provide in-depth knowledge of areas such as electrical engineering, occupational safety and supervisory competences.

The lectures provided by the Caruna Academy supplement the internal exchange of information. The lectures are open to everyone, and they cover a wide range of aspects of Caruna's business, sector and occupational wellbeing. All Caruna employees are invited to suggest topics or even give their own lectures.

Work and rest in good balance

Every Caruna employee is entitled to a balanced work and family life. Most of us spend our most energetic moments at work every day. There must be some energy left over for our free time. We seek to balance work with leisure time in several ways, including the Family-friendly Workplace project.

Competitive benefits within reach

We strive to provide a wide range of services to address employees' wishes regarding occupational wellbeing. Sport, culture and business travel benefits, gym activities, pilates and yoga are among the most popular. For several years now, Caruna has had a team in the Kilometrikisa race, and the company holds a bicycle-servicing event to kick-start the spring. In the summer, every Caruna employee has the option of using City Bikes.

The strong team spirit is evident in the range of hobby activities taking place outside of working hours. Our intranet makes it easy to get involved with activities such as horse riding, football or theatre. We have conducted personnel surveys and received praise for the work atmosphere, good colleagues and working environment, and flexible work practices.

After you have worked here for a while, you can apply to become a member of the Enerkemi workplace fund. The occupational wellbeing service is close at hand and convenient to use – in several different channels if necessary. You can also see a specialist physician for a low price.