We are reinforcing our positive effects on the environment

We evaluate the environmental impacts of our operations and projects. They are reviewed in conjunction with business planning every autumn, and the environmental impacts of projects are reviewed during the project planning phase.

Our most significant environmental impacts:

Environmental impact Target
Climate change
  • Reducing our carbon footprint
  • Reinforcing our positive climate effects on society
  • Making preparations for the impacts of climate change
Responsible land use and biodiversity
  • Carefully planning land use together with stakeholders
  • Systematically paying consideration to nature, biodiversity, the environmental and cultural heritage throughout the electricity network's life cycle
  • Effective collaboration with landowners and other stakeholders in land use and permit matters
  • Ensuring environmental care on worksites during and after work
Use of materials
  • Ensuring safety throughout the life cycle of materials
  • Improving the recovery rate of dismantled materials
  • A watertight waste management and accounting process
Energy efficiency
  • Using energy more efficiently
  • Promoting energy efficiency measures for customers
Environmental damage
  • Preventing oil spills by eliminating high-risk sites and using oil recovery vessels
  • Absolute prevention of severe and permanent environmental damage
ISO 14001 sertifikaatti

The world's best known environmental management model

Our environmental management model has held ISO 14001 certification since 2000. It helps us to improve our standard of environmental protection and demonstrate that we take environmental issues seriously.