Caruna involved in the Energy Efficiency Agreement from the very start

We have been involved in the national energy efficiency agreement system since its inception in 1997. As part of the energy efficiency agreement, we are committed to improving the energy efficiency of the electricity network, reducing network losses and supporting our customers in their efforts to become more energy efficient.

The majority of the energy we consume takes the form of transmission and transformation losses on the electricity network 

Electricity transmission and distribution always gives rise to energy losses, and the network operator is responsible for these. We are reducing losses by means of network planning, component selections and optimising the basic switching state.

We are committed to raising our customers' awareness of their own electricity usage and helping them to become more energy efficient. We offer customers an energy reporting service, energy efficiency advice and guidance on deploying their own independent electricity generation capacity.

Since 2015, all of the new distribution transformers we have procured have conformed to the low-loss ECO standard in accordance with the updated EU Directive. We use CO2-free electricity to compensate for losses on the electricity network.

Caruna's own energy consumption and generation

Caruna's own energy consumption consists mainly of the electricity and heat energy that we consume in our office buildings. The majority of the energy we consume goes to our offices on Upseerinkatu in Espoo.

Caruna has two solar power generation points, which reduce Caruna's energy consumption and help us to gain first-hand experience of distributed energy generation.

We have 110 solar panels on the roof of our office on Upseerinkatu with a nominal output of 29 kWp. We also have 119 solar panels on the roof of our substation in Keilaniemi, providing a nominal output of over 30 kWp.

Solar panels on the roof of Caruna's office building on Upseerinkatu .