We are building an electricity network to last

We are moving electricity network underground so you can rest assured that you will not be interrupted. Alongside our cabling underground, we are improving the weatherproofness of our network through automation and various maintenance measures. Our objective is to make weather-related outages and power cuts shorter and less frequent.

In 2015, Caruna initiated electricity network improvement projects in different parts of its network areas. So far, we have moved underground already 52 % of our electricity network (Caruna Oy and Caruna Espoo Oy). The work began with the medium-voltage overhead cables in forests and sparsely populated areas with the greatest residential density and amounts of electricity transferred.

In summer 2019, we begin the renewal of our low-voltage electricity network near densely populated centres. You can monitor the work site near your home and other sites in our map service.

Things to be observed when we build electricity network near your residential area

Please keep safety in mind when you are near the building site:

  • It is not safe to touch power lines that are hanging down on the ground, as they may still be live.
  • Please do not touch or move building materials. If rolls of cable or other materials must be moved, please let us know, for example by sending us a message.
  • Sometimes it is necessary to build temporary diversions for pedestrians and traffic.
  • The dismantling of an old electricity network as well as the commissioning of a new network can cause short breaks in electricity distribution that will be announced in advance. Are you already using Caruna Sähkövahti? You will receive a notification by text message or e-mail in case of planned power cuts in your area.

Construction phases

A work site will be completed within 1–2 years. There are several phases in construction, but not all of them will be visible to residents on a day-to-day basis. 

  • Caruna is buying the work in from contractors.
  • We are beginning to design the electricity network, and this will take about six months, depending on the area.
  • Once the design is finished, we will begin building the new electricity network. This will take about a year, depending on the area. The time is affected by things like the terrain and the weather (for example, in the springtime, frost may be a factor).
  • After commissioning, the old electricity network will be dismantled and finishing work will begin. During the finishing work, the electricity network materials will be taken away, and the yards and streets will be cleaned up and left in at least the same condition they were in when the project started.
  • When it is complete, we will conduct the appropriate inspections. For example, we will check that the new electricity network has been installed to at least the depth required by standards (70 cm below ground level)

Communication and customer service

We will communicate the construction phases by means such as text messages. Make sure that we have your correct contact details! You can check and update your contact details in Caruna+.

We will answer your construction related questions in our social media channels on weekdays between 8 am and 4 pm:

Instagram: @carunasuomi

At customer events you can ask Caruna about construction

When there are plans for an electricity network improvement project in an area, we organise its residents a customer event. Come and ask Caruna and its contractors about the project planning. We'll serve coffee with snacks!

Chat with our expert online

You can chat with one of our service specialists. The chat service operates on our website weekdays between 8 am and 4 pm. The chat window will appear on this page when one of our specialists is available to answer your questions.

Frequently asked questions about building an electricity network

See our Finnish and Swedish website for the most frequently asked questions about building an electricity network.

Joint fibre-optic construction

We construct our electricity network together with other operators whenever possible. In January 2019, we began working with Telia. Joint construction of the electricity network is a sensible option for the environment and for citizens: at best, it can spare local residents from repeated disruption due to excavation work and reduce the burden on the environment.

Modern society is based on high-quality data connections, widespread use of information technology and reliable access to electricity

Joint construction also enables us to ensure that more areas with small houses are included, and that work is done in a more environmentally friendly way. 
Optical fibre provides faster internet connections, which can offer data transfer rates of up to 1,000 Mbps, enabling the best possible digital services. Optical fibre enables residents and companies in an area to begin using all the newest internet, television, video, communications and health services.

Are you interested in a modern and reliable internet connection?

Caruna is building an optical fibre network in the Southwest Finland region in partnership with Telia. If you live in this area, you will be able to obtain a fixed network connection when we put the electricity network underground.

Telia is responsible for selling the fast optical fibre connections that Caruna is building. They will provide more information on buying a connection in areas where optical fibre networks are being built. If optical fibre is available in your area, you will receive a letter or postcard from Telia with more information.

The construction work on the optical fibre network is being planned by Caruna's contractor, which will also be responsible for building and installing the optical fibre network. The construction work that will be done on customers' sites and in their homes will be planned by Caruna's contractor.