Strategy and values

Our vision is a million satisfied customers

We want to grow and continuously improve the service provided to our customers. To this end, we have defined three priorities to focus on, which we believe will take us towards our strategic goals. Our strategic pillars are customer-oriented and efficient core business and good corporate citizenship. These two provide a foundation for being an industry forerunner in driving growth, developing new services and building a smart electricity network.

Customer-oriented and efficient core business

Customers are at the centre of everything we do. We want to make it easy for customers to use the services related to electricity distribution, such as establishing and transferring a connection, monitoring energy consumption, following changes related to invoicing and connecting renewable energy systems to the network. We deliver the best possible customer experience by ensuring an uninterrupted electricity supply 24/7.

In 2020 we invested over EUR 143.2  million in network construction.

Good corporate citizenship

We have an active dialogue with our key stakeholders in order to build trust in Caruna’s business and work together to develop electricity distribution operations of the future in Finland. We contribute actively to development work within the industry and in interest groups. We develop and implement new services and models in cooperation with our partners.

We regularly meet with customers and decision-makers so as to receive feedback and discuss opportunities for development. To increase interaction, we have also organised discussions related to network construction projects or Caruna’s operations in cooperation with other organisations such as the Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners (MTK) and the Finnish Home Owners’ Association.


I dare to act

  • I dare to set my goals high and strive to do things better. I believe that the current state needs to be challenged.
  • I want to assume responsibility and I dare to make decisions. At the same time, I am willing to give responsibility and ready to trust.
  • I allow mistakes, both by me and my colleagues. I promise to review my mistakes and learn from them.
  • I act in a straightforward manner; I focus on facts and communicate and give feedback sincerely and with respect.
  • Our job involves safety risks. Safety always comes first and we never compromise on it.

With good energy

  • I strive to make things simple and easy. Unnecessary bureaucracy and complexity do not belong to our culture – they consume energy and not increase it.
  • I am curious and willing to learn new, both at my job and in the world outside.
  • I always keep my promises. Complete trust is the core of our straightforward culture.
  • Every one of us is the face and voice of Caruna. I play my part with joy and pride.
  • If I notice that my colleague needs cheering up, I want to do so. If (s)he needs support or a shoulder to lean on, I offer it.


  • We exist for our customers. They get the best results when we act seamlessly together.
  • Collaboration requires active interaction of us: communication about what we do and interest in each other’s work.
  • We want to meet and get to know each other, both as professionals and persons, across team and department boundaries. We always keep our partners involved.
  • I contribute to our good team spirit. In our interactions, there should be joy, laughter, high fives and a “let’s do it” mindset.