Caruna LAB

A springboard for innovative, customer-centred and sustainable electricity network solutions

Caruna LAB is a channel for trying out, developing and commercialising new solutions in practice.

We make the expertise, infrastructure platform and partner network of Finland's strongest developing electricity network company available to startup companies and other innovative developers.


Electricity network solutions from the perspective of software, hardware, as well as contracting


Production, service and storage solutions for renewable energy


Digital services and solutions of tomorrow's energy system

We are interested in all new solutions that help us work even better to the benefit of our customers.

If you have developed a product, a service or a solution that you believe is suitable for Caruna's needs, do not hesitate to contact us. We require that the ideas are in demo or prototype stage and the opportunity to try them out in practice.

We offer

For startups

An experimental platform for testing products and services.

For companies and orgs

A possibility to develop and innovate in cooperation with Caruna.

For Caruna employees

An opportunity to develop your idea.

Why should I join?

We support

Our Development & Innovation unit supports your work.

We pilot

A trial does not appear from thin air, we can help.

We grow

Through a trial, it is possible to get the idea introduced as a part of Caruna's product and service portfolio.