Solar communities reduce electricity invoices for housing companies

Previously it was only possible to use solar power generated by housing companies to meet their own needs, for example to power lighting of shared areas. In early 2021, a legislative change will allow housing companies to save in electricity and transmission costs by generating solar-powered electricity also for individual homes.

The housing company's electricity consumption comprises household power consumption and communal power consumption. Communal consumption includes instances such as lighting of yard areas and stairwells, electricity consumed by lifts, laundry room, storages and car engine heating outlets.

In a Solar community, the production of solar panels is allocated for residential use after communal need has been satisfied. The housing company can also sell any unused supply back to the electricity market.

Previously, when it was only possible to use solar power for the housing company's shared premises, is was pointless to install great many panels. Now, the legislative change brings greater potential for the use of solar power, which means that the number of panels needed will also increase. Setting up a bigger solar panel system can be done at a relatively lower cost and the investment will pay itself back significantly faster than the panel warranty runs out.

Solar panels deliver significant savings in power consumption

Environmentally friendly solar power is easy on nature – and your wallet. A new, community-minded model brings clear cost savings to all residents.

As an example, in a block of flats in Caruna's network area with 10 kW solar panels. The housing company and its 40 households purchased a total of 4,000 kWh electricity in June. Solar community would grant them around 1,000 kWh savings off this total. When housing companies use self-generated solar power, they save not only the price of electricity but also the distribution fee, electricity tax and value added tax.

Caruna's network area covers more than 20,000 housing companies. This is an enormous amount of idle roof space, where it is possible to start expanding Finnish solar power production.

We believe that solar power production by housing companies will be a common feature in future. Therefore we have provided the Solar community service (link in Finnish) from the start without extra charge.

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