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How can an electricity distributor prepare for future needs?

Now that reliability of supply has been achieved, the electricity network construction is moving on to the next stage. The electricity network of the future is a service platform that offers customers a wider array of electricity-related services. Electricity will still be transmitted from the network to the customer, but also from the customer to the network as well as between customers. The customer can earn income and save money by using power smartly.

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Modern technology enables smart electricity networks

Caruna is striving to utilise customer data more smartly than is currently the case. When external data such as weather and temperature data is combined with data on household electricity consumption, we can quickly obtain precise information on abnormal consumption changes or disruptions. Automatic analysis would quickly flag up abnormally frequent power cuts affecting an individual home, for example. It would also reveal more accurately where the fault lies – in the external electricity network or within the home. In the light of more accurate information, we would be able to rectify abnormal disruptions immediately and the electricity supply would be normalised more quickly.

Analytic data is also collected for purposes of network planning. Our systems are constantly modelling how much electricity will be consumed in the future. This enables us to reinforce the network in the right places and at the right time.

What use does a network company have for AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot topic these days in most industries. Caruna has also investigated, tested and utilised AI-assisted functionalities both to ensure customers' power supply and to boost internal processes.

Caruna has been investigating the possibilities of AI for a couple of years, and a few successful applications have already been deployed in our daily operations. Caruna's AI applications in processes range from using image recognition in maintenance needs mapping to forecasting the completion of investment projects through machine learning. A tool forecasting the level of storm preparedness has also proven useful for executive management as the organisation prepares for extreme weather events.

We are developing services to meet customer needs

The mainstay of our development work is keeping our customers up to speed on changes that have an impact on them and, as electricity experts, providing advice and recommendations on suitable energy solutions.

Our Worksites (“Työmaat”) map service allows customers, land owners and passers-by to easily check the current status, impact area and schedule of a network construction site. Consumers can subscribe to site bulletins, give feedback and contact the relevant parties.

When starting to build a house or business premises, there are many things to consider and to take care of. It is our responsibility to enable an effortless purchase and activation of a network connection. Order tracking gives the builder full visibility of information on the status and responsibilities of the electrification on the site.

  • Up-to-date information on electricity network construction sites and interruptions
  • Data on electricity consumption in own premises, proactive consumption advice ja and saving tips
  • Own contracts, invoices and payment solutions regarding network service
  • Agile order placement and tracking and chat service
  • Electricity retailers' and electricity contractors' tailored services


We developed a service that allows customers to invite operators to tender on home electricity solutions, such as solar panels and electric car charging stations. Click below to find out more!

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