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Caruna’s energy reporting service

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Caruna’s energy reporting service sheds light on your electricity consumption

The energy reporting service shows your annual, monthly, weekly, daily, or hourly electricity consumption at your convenience. This will help you find out how electricity is consumed in your home, and the monitoring shows how you have succeeded in saving electricity.

Each day’s electricity consumption will be updated in the service on the very next day. By knowing how much you consume and when, you can change your consumption habits and save on your electricity bill. You can also make a calendar entry in the service, for example, when you buy an air source heat pump or new home appliances, and see how the changes affect your electricity consumption.

Available in the Finnish, Swedish and English languages, the energy monitoring service is free-of-charge to you.

How to start using the energy monitoring service:

If you are a Caruna customer

  • First click here to register for Caruna’s electronic service. To register, you will need a working e-mail address and your customer number and location number, which you can find on your electricity bill.
  • After creating a username and password on your first visit, you can later on use them to log in to the service here.

If you are not a Caruna customer

  • If you have been authorised to use Caruna’s electronic service by another person or, for example, a housing company that you represent, you can register for the service using your online banking credentials here.
  • You can add customers that you represent in the electronic service. However, in order to do this you will need the valid customer number and location number of the Caruna customer who you are representing. You can find these on the customer’s electricity bill.
  • After adding the customers to represent, you can log in to the energy monitoring service here.