Electricity distribution fees

Service fees

Our service fees

Some of our services are free of charge and some are subject to a one-time charge. We apply these fees across all our network areas.

Services free of charge

  • Changing the distribution product (once per year)
  • Meter reading during the normal reading cycle and when moving properties or removing the meter
  • Meter removal 
  • Assistance or guidance when felling trees next to overhead lines and the locating of cables, when you book these services at least three days in advance. If the cables are not    owned by Caruna, we will charge the actual cost of locating them.

Services subject to a one-time charge

Changing or inspecting the meter upon the customer’s request, if the meter works correctly when inspected.


Installation, connection and disconnection of meter reading systems (one cable) at a construction site or temporary metering point
- additional cables



Installation of meter reading systems upon the customer’s request (installation or change of location)
- installation as a separate job
- installation with other jobs



Administration charge for changing the main fuse for the summer season 
(only applicable to Caruna Oy’s network area)


Disconnection or reconnection of the network connection


Disconnection or reconnection of electricity supply (due to non-payment)


Invoice or account statement requested separately or outside the normal invoicing schedule


Payment reminder (VAT 0 %)


Creating a payment agreement


Electrician’s visit on site


Hourly charge for administrative work



Services subject to a monthly charge (euros per month)

Network service maintenance fee for connections of up to 63 A


Network service maintenance fee for connections over 63 A (0.4 kV)
- Caruna Espoo Oy
- Caruna Oy


Network service maintenance fee for connections over 20 kV
- Caruna Espoo Oy
- Caruna Oy


We collect a network service maintenance fee from customers who wish to suspend their electricity supply without cancelling their connection contract, and from customers who have not signed the network service agreement by the end of the calendar year following the completion of a new electricity connection.

We charge a double rate for jobs carried out outside the normal working hours. Interest for late payment is charged according to the Interest Act.