Electricity distribution fees

Electricity distribution fees

Network service price lists

Your electricity distribution fee consists of the basic fee and the cost of electricity use. Distribution fees ensure transmission of power from the electricity generator to the user, building and maintenance of the electricity network, metering, and 24/7 fault reporting. Distribution rates are influenced by several factors, including the season and the time of day.

In addition to distribution fees, all electricity distribution companies charge electricity tax and value-added tax, which they forward to the central government.

For our electricity distribution fees, please see the enclosed network service price lists. Choose your fees according to your metering point’s network area, Caruna Oy or Caruna Espoo Oy.

Electricity tax

The electricity tax comprises the tax on electricity and value-added tax. A local energy distributor, such as Caruna, will always charge the electricity tax with the electricity distribution fee. The electricity tax makes up roughly 30 per cent of the total in your electricity invoice.

Our customers are automatically placed in electricity tax category 1, unless they have told us otherwise.

Companies must contact the Customs to find out whether their operations are entitled to tax category 2. Tax category 2 is meant for industrial companies and the growing of commercial greenhouse crops that comply with the Act on excise duty on electricity. If the Customs has confirmed that you are entitled to the lower tax category 2, please inform us in writing.

Electricity tax as from 1 January 2015

Tax category 1: 2.7937 cents/kWh, incl. VAT at 24 %
Tax category 2: 0.8717 cents/kWh, incl. VAT at 24 %