Our values and responsibilities

Our corporate responsibility


The basis for Caruna’s activities is fairness to our customers and our other interest groups. We offer our customers information and services to make connecting to the electrical network and the utilisation of electrical energy easy and to enable the monitoring and economisation of electricity consumption.

We will keep all the information collected and created on our customers during our business activities confidential and we will not disclose it to third parties. We will only disclose our customer’s personal information to the customer themselves or a party authorised by them.

We have a programme in place to ensure non-discrimination and we report on it annually to the relevant regulatory authorities and publish it in Finnish (see below) on our website.


An electricity transmission company has a natural monopoly in its own area. From the society’s point of view, it is neither sensible nor cost-effective to have many companies building parallel networks.

This is why the trade of electrical power systems is regulated. Regulation is a necessity to keep electricity prices reasonable and the electrical network business effective.

Through regulation and monitoring, the authorities aim to find a balance between reasonable prices and the quality of distribution from the point of view of both customers and the transmission company.

The Electricity Market Act and various decrees and regulations by the authorities define the responsibilities of electrical distribution companies. The monitoring model of the Energy Authority specifies the methods for calculating reasonable prices.

The methods for calculating the allowed proceeds are determined beforehand for a monitoring period of four years. The monitoring model determines the distribution network possessor’s reasonable level of revenue as a whole, but it does not take a stand on the reasonableness of individual tariffs.