Our values and responsibilities

Interest groups

As the largest electricity transmission and distribution company in Finland, Caruna plays a significant role in our society. We identify and estimate the expectations of our interest groups and try to find a balance between their different needs.

Caruna has 664,000 private and corporate customers who depend on reliable distribution of electricity. We deliver electricity to our customers as efficiently and safely and with as few power cuts as possible.

We have about 270 employees whose welfare is a top priority to us. In addition to this, we employ multiple suppliers and service providers through our network investments and maintenance activities and thus generate well-being for the whole society.

To fulfil our customers’ needs in the best way possible, we build, service and develop our electricity networks and, in doing so, negotiate and cooperate with the municipalities of our network areas, other regional authorities and land owners. We also work together with other operators in the energy sector. To develop the regulative and investment environment, we interact actively with the Energy Authority and other central national authorities.

For our investors, we are a responsible and magnetic investment target.