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Career stories

Great energy keeps Finland moving. At Caruna, we have more than 270 electricity transmission experts working for us. Each one of them has their own particular competences, but we all share one goal: we want to offer Finns a steady stream of electricity and many enjoyable moments. As a forerunner, we are continuously improving our network for the benefit of our customers and the whole society.

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I felt a little nervous when I started at the customer service team over a year ago, as I wasn't at all familiar with the technical side to begin with. However, it didn't take me long to start understanding how things work within the electricity sector, thanks to the help of supportive superiors, comprehensive job induction, and learning on the actual work. You can learn anything, as long as you want to and are interested for real!

Our great team includes people of various ages and backgrounds, and everyone is super positive and encouraging. We have a strong team spirit and always help each other out. I love going to work in the morning knowing that such a nice bunch of people is waiting for me at the office.

Caruna supports the training of employees and encourages us to try out new things. For example, when I decided to study business and administration while working, my superior gave me a lot of encouragement and support for my studies. I have also been offered the opportunity to try doing the tasks of a few other teams and learn new things that way.


Tiia Turunen, Technical Service Expert, Customer Service team

Caruna's customer service team serves consumer customers by phone and e-mail. Each service expert can receive up to dozens of e-mails and phone calls a day. The questions vary, ranging from the scheduling of new connections, remotely readable meters, and individual customers' electricity consumption.

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Network renovation projects involve planning the future electricity distribution network for all customers in Finland, whether they are domestic users or manufacturing plants. This work allows us a peek at the crystal ball: we may see how electric cars and smart homes become more popular and greatly change the electricity distribution needs of our society, perhaps as early as during the next decade.

In my daily work I deal with a diverse group of colleagues, such as Caruna's own systems and network service experts and external contractors' planning experts. What makes you successful in this job is the passion to find out about things; you can't know everything right from the go, but you can learn anything! 

Bold experimentation and ideation are integral to Caruna's culture. Everyone, up to the management level, is encouraged to develop their own ideas and take them further – you are never blamed for failures but expected to learn from them. I don't know of any other company where the employees are looked after as well as here at Caruna.


Sebastian Ahlnäs, Project Manager

One of the Asset Management unit's duties is to think about the electricity distribution network of the future. We use network analysis to determine the current and future needs of our networks, and draw up strategic plans about the best ways to renovate the current networks to make them more weatherproof, for instance.

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I first started at Caruna as a summer worker in 2010 while studying electrical engineering at a university of applied sciences. Later on I was able to study alongside work at the Aalto University, where I gained a Master’s degree in engineering and wrote my thesis on network planning. When I was offered a supervisory job, I was happy to get the opportunity to work with different people and see how a team is built and how it functions.

The best part of my job is that I get to make decisions quite independently, and can plan the contents of my work day and week relatively freely. I help the members of my team, meet with contractors at the office and on the field, organise training sessions, and monitor project costs and schedules. One of our main aims is to continue decreasing the interruptions of electricity distribution and keep improving the security of supply.

Our work community at Caruna is fairly young and everyone is treated with respect and genuine care. Determined employees are given many types of opportunities to advance in their career. The atmosphere is a good mixture of skilled work and relaxed freedom, and the work days are anything but boring!


Kalle Sato, Project Manager, Investment programmes

Project Managers are in charge of implementing the investment programmes within their areas of responsibility. The team consists of seven project engineers who handle contractor collaboration in individual investment projects and manage project scheduling, finances, quality, and occupational safety.

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As a team leader, it is my job to ensure that the atmosphere and conditions in our unit create an environment that promotes good work. Our team processes customer orders, handles field-work administration, and offers expert services to both contractors and customers. Our partner contractors carry out field work on the basis of our orders, by building networks and opening new connections, for instance.

My job involves working closely with other people and this means that being outgoing and able to work well in a team are of critical importance. Coordination and organisation skills are likewise useful. I function as a go-between for Caruna staff and contractors, and thus need to understand the daily work of both groups. I don't have in-depth knowledge of any one sector, but have enough understanding and interest in many areas to allow me to work with experts.

I appreciate the flat organisational structure at Caruna. Here it is perfectly ok to just stop and chat with the Managing Director at the coffee machine; there is no room for pointless bureaucracy here. As Finland's largest distributor of electricity, Caruna is at the peak of the sector, and this is visible in the work of every member of staff here. You can develop a good career and take on various roles at Caruna, if you come with a good attitude and an active approach to work.


Kaj Storås, Manager Network services

The Customer Relations unit is responsible for all of Caruna's customer relations. The Network Services team functions as an interface between customers, contractors, and Caruna's other units. The team consists of 17 creative experts, each one a top professional of their respective fields.

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My work is invisible to the general public – until a problem comes up. Calmer days allow us to focus on network monitoring and carry out network investment and maintenance work. We make connection changes required by repairs or work and set up work interruptions when necessary. On stormy days, our work is dictated by the weather conditions: we aim to delimit the area of the fault as much possible, alert and send support to site, and manage any exceptional connections and fault repairs.

The job requires the ability to work under pressure and to keep a level head to make well-considered decisions even when extremely busy. For us, safety comes first, both that of our customers and installers. There is no let-up on the most hectic days, but I usually manage not to take work home with me as the person on the following shift continues from where I left off.

I have noticed that an enthusiastic attitude gets rewarded at Caruna. I have been able to try diverse and meaningful tasks around the organisation, allowing me to learn a lot both about myself and my profession. Finland's largest electricity distributor offers plenty of opportunities – just waiting there for you to grab them


Tomi Laukkanen, Control Engineer, Operations Centre team

The operations control centre team is responsible for the monitoring, operation, and safety of Caruna's transmission and distribution networks. The control room is manned around the clock and works in three shifts. In case of disturbances or faults, we find out the cause, make the necessary exceptional connections, and send a repair group to the site. Our aim is to ensure that customers never remain without electrical power even in the most challenging conditions.

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I hold a Master’s degree in IT and have done different types of IT-related work, ranging from software development to systems architecture. I have been at Caruna for over seven years now. During this time, I have been able to build on my expertise in various roles, and, in fact, the evolving job description has made the daily work more interesting to me.

We have a great team, and everyone has something to contribute. For me, strong all-around expertise in IT is the most useful quality to have, along with the ability to focus more in detail on specific areas and their special characteristics, when necessary. Other essential areas are knowledge of the electricity distribution sector and its particular features, and the company's operation models. You will certainly become very familiar with these working at Caruna! In addition to purely technical IT work, we take part in ideation processes and offer direct support to the development of business operations.

We continue to develop our processes all the time, as our aim is to be both effective and agile in what we do. At Caruna, you do well if you have an active and open attitude, and a good dose of humour is always a bonus. We work hard here, but working is fun with a team like ours.


Anssi Pitkänen, IT Service Manager, Infrastructure team

The IT Infrastructure team is responsible for Caruna's IT systems, from telephones to servers and from work stations to IT networks. The team also develops and maintains certain systems, answers to support requests, and provides advice to users. Thanks to the well-functioning IT infrastructure, everyone at Caruna is free to focus on their own work and on serving our customers.