About us

We share positive energy

Our origins

Caruna was founded in 2014, but its story really began in 1912 in a place called Karuna where a new electricity transmission company started out. After numerous phases – most recently as part of Fortum – we are now Caruna, an electricity company for the new age. Our target is a more functional everyday for the new age as you enjoy our 100 years of experience.

Easy utilisation of electricity equals an effortless life

We transmit electricity to ease people’s everyday lives. You can make coffee in the morning, heat up the sauna, send messages to your loved ones and read bedtime stories by a reading light easily, with no effort. Electricity is one of our basic needs. We make sure that you have it. We distribute great energy.

We want to meet our customer’s expectations and, first and foremost, secure an undisturbed supply of electricity. We continuously improve and develop our electrical network. This is why our customers can, for example, produce the electricity they use themselves and sell the surplus electricity on via our network. We also use various channels to offer a fast and expert service, clear invoicing, reports of electricity consumption and information about power cuts.

About Caruna

Caruna is the largest company in Finland dedicated to the transmission of electricity. Countrywide, we hold a market share of about 20 per cent of local electricity transmission and provide electricity to 664,000 private and corporate customers in South, Southwest and West Finland, as well as in the city of Joensuu, the sub-region of Koillismaa and the Satakunta region. Caruna’s almost 82,000 kilometre long electrical network would stretch almost twice around the earth. We have a staff of 270 people and employ directly 2,000 people and a total of 4,000 people indirectly all over Finland and we invest about MEUR 200 in our electrical network every year. Our activities are regulated by the Energy Authority, which monitors Finland’s power supply trade.

Caruna’s owners

Caruna is owned by the Finnish employment pension companies Keva (12.5%) and Elo (7.5%) and the international investors in infrastructure, First State Investments (40%) and OMERS Infrastructure (40%).